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As a leading national distributor for hydraulic switches, sensors, and transducers, Anfield Industries Inc. is committed to exceptional service and competitive pricing. Our S1TAF Bimetal Temperature Switch is widely used in applications such as heating and cooling, manufacturing, and mobile equipment. It features a grounded body switch with an integrated thermostat output. These units have a factory set range of 77°F to 293°F, offering low differential. We also carry the S2TAF Bimetal Temperature Switch, ideal for industrial control applications where space constraints may inhibit installation. These units sense fluid temperature without the need for a probe, feature a compact design, and are built with high current ratings. For more information about these products please Contact Us or view more information below.

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S2TAF / S3TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S1TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch
A bimetal temperature switch suitable for industrial control applications. It is a probless design for applications with space constraints, but we also offer the probe as an option.


  • Factory Set: 77 - 293 F
  • Switch Type: Bimetal
  • Electrical: 5A (12/24 VDC, 125 VAC_
  • Electrical:  3A (250 VAC

S5TAF / S7TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S2TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

The S5TAF and S7TAF is our smallest temperature switch, designed specifically for space constraints. The S5TAF features a wide differential and the S7TAF features a low differential for different application requirements.  The switch is also our most cost effective switch and also the most responsive switch, ideal for OEM use.   

  • Factory Set: 130 - 220 F
  • Compact Size  
  • Electrical: 3 A

S6TAF / S8TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S2TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

The S6TAF and S8TAF is designed with high ingress protection, enabling it to be suitable for a variety of harsh environmental conditions. The S6TAF features a wide differential and the S8TAF features a low differential for different application requirements. The switches are avaiable with an integrated deutsch connector, packard connector and many more.

  • Factory Set: 130 - 220 F
  • High Ingress Protection
  • Electrical: 3A